About Us

Photo of Kim and Steve Brame

Hi! I’m Steve Brame, and I’m County Line Web Services.

I built my first commercial website for BellSouth in 1994, long before most current web designers were even born. Incidentally, that site had over 700 individual pages, and was hand-coded in a text editor. 

It’s 2021. Web design tools have evolved light-years from 1994. 

Back then there were no ‘web design tools’! Designing and developing a site these days is much faster, and therefore should cost less. Generally it does.

County Line grew out of our video production company, creative illusions Productions. As our video projects were being used more and more on the web, we were being asked to create the sites, or at least the parts of a site that would play the videos. I saw a lot of deception and outright dishonesty going on in the web design industry. This was made possible because most found the complexities of web design and development very difficult to understand, but were afraid or ashamed to admit it. This makes you a target for an unscrupulous web designer. They can sell you anything at any price. 

I will speak to you in English, not ‘Geek’. I will make sure to explain everything that you are paying for, and I’ll also make sure that you understand why you need it, and if possible, come up with a less expensive, or even free alternative.

Our Team

We don’t have a ‘team’ on staff. If we did, then guess who would be paying their salaries even if they weren’t involved in your project!

I usually handle all of the web design, development, SEO and maintenance as a partnership with you. However, if we need help in a certain area, such as designing or redesigning a logo, or developing a particular ‘look’, we can always bring in outside help.