Attention to Detail

Unfortunately, one of our long-standing clients chose to leave us for a company that supposedly ‘specializes’ in sites for their particular industry. One of the ‘tricks’ in the web design/development industry is to create a bunch of sites each proclaiming that you ‘specialize’ in a particular industry in order to better attract clients from those industries.

Each site looks like a separate company specializing in web design/development a particular industry, when in fact, you’re just another web developer that really doesn’t ‘specialize’ in anything at all – except deception.

Not saying that this is what happened in this case, but it does happen.

A very important part of a site’s SEO is its performance – basically how fast it loads and underlying slowdowns that may affect how Google and other search engines feel about where to place you in the list of sites they recommend to people searching for your services.

A very important tool in the detection of this website performance is GTMetrix. We constantly monitor our sites on GTMetrix for any issues that may affect performance and makes corrections and improvements as necessary.

This story presents us with a perfect example. Here is the GTMetrix report of the client’s site when they were with us.

And now the GTMetrix report of their site after moving.

The difference is rather stark, and all of the other sites listed at that developer’s site share similar results.

I’d love to be able to blame it on youth and inexperience, but there are plenty of young developers out there that would never accept something like this. It’s simply called attention to detail.

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